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Master of Business Administration

General Description and Program Objective
Admission Requirements
Program Requirements
Program Learning Outcomes
Graduation Requirements

General Description and Program Objective

The Master of Business Administration is designed for professionals whose career and management responsibilities exceed a single functional specialty, and who require higher levels of knowledge and skills in the field to sharpen their competency spectrum. The emphasis is on providing students with an interdisciplinary, integrated, and applied approach where complex organizational knowledge and managerial skills are mastered. This objective of the program is meant to provide an executive-level of critical thinking and systematic thought, team building, decision making, and leadership.

The program includes ten (10) pre-determined core business courses and two (2) elective courses that every student can select from a list of courses offered by the School of Business Administration at Oikos University based upon their own interests and concentration focus in the varied areas of business administration. For purposes of these two elective courses, every student may opt for any combination of graduate-level elective courses offered by the School of Business Administration at Oikos University, choosing from anyone of three academic areas: International Business, Leadership, and Marketing.

The core business courses include (but are not limited to) studies in accounting, business ethics, business law, finance, human resource management, international business, organizational management, strategic management, and statistical analysis. Every course has an emphasis on ethical business behavior and conduct as well as responsible business practices in an increasingly-pluralistic, global society. As with our other programs, there is a strong emphasis on Biblical values and Theological education. Courses in the Business major will be taught through the lenses of Christian principles.

Admissions Requirements

In order to secure admission into the MBA program at Oikos University, every applicant will have to meet the following minimum requirements:

1. Completion of Application Form for Admission.
2. At least two letters of recommendation from faculty, counselors, school administrators, employers, or church leaders.
3. Possession of or candidacy for an accredited Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.
4. A statement of the applicant’s Christian faith.
5. One recent photograph.
6. Official transcripts from all schools attended including high school.
7. Evaluation of personal interview with a team of faculty members.
8. Payment of $400.00 application fee.
9. English Proficiency Exam (TOEFL, IELTS, or OIKOS ESL Placement test, if English is not primary language; waived if graduated high school or completed secondary education in the U.S.
10. A student whose undergraduate major is not from business or its related area must take 9 units of courses from the following accounting, finance, management, and marketing as pre-requisite (Principles of Accounting – 3 units, Principles of Microeconomics – 3 units, Business Finance – 3 units, Principle of Management -3 units, and marketing Fundamentals – 3 units)

Method of Instruction

Classes incorporate lectures, instructional work in class, demonstrations, one-on-one tutorials, library research, and comprehensive examinations within each course. Except for internships and field trips, all instruction is conducted in a classroom setting.

Program Requirements

Length: Approximately 3 or 4 semesters Core Courses in Business Administration: 30 Semester credits Elective Courses in Business Administration: 6 Semester credits Total Business Credit Requirements: 36 Semester credits Bible and Theology Requirements: 9 Semester credits Total Program Requirements: 45 Semester credits

Unit Transfer Policy

A maximum of six (6) semester credits may be transferred into the program from a nationally or regionally-accredited college or university. The acceptance of credit hours is at the discretion of Oikos University, depending upon the academic rigor of the prior course experience.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Master of Business Administration program of study at Oikos University, the student will be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

1. Demonstrate the ability to analyze the evolving nature of corporations
2. Practice managerial leadership and organizational change
3. Determine and measure an organization’s intellectual assets
4. Identify how product development merges with entrepreneurship
5. Foster new approaches to measuring the economic performance of organizations
6. Demonstrate the ability to manage and administer a business organization with a clear embodiment of ethics in his/her business practices
7. Integrate Biblical and Theological Perspectives in Business and Administration

Graduation Requirements

To receive the Master of Business Administration from Oikos, the student must meet the following requirements:

-Complete the MBA curriculum that includes core courses, elective course, and Christian studies.
-Complete all business course requirements within 150% of the published length of the academic program.
-Attain a cumulative quality point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in the major.
-Attain an overall cumulative quality point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
-Pass all exams required by each of the courses.

In addition to 9 units of Christian studies, students must complete 30 semester credits of pre-determined core business courses, as well as 6 semester credits of elective courses of their choice.