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Bachelor of Music

Program Goals
Program Learning Objectives
Admission Requirements
Program Requirements
Graduation Requirements

Program Goals

The educational objectives of the Bachelor of Music program are to prepare students to evidence for a career in musical performance and composition as directors of music, private music instructors, and performers by developing their artistic achievement through courses leading to the Bachelor of Music with evidence of personal life of worship and devotion.

Program Learning Objectives

By the time students complete the course of their study, they will become musicians in the area of performance and music related business and praise leaders and worship leaders in the church with the following skills:
  1. Demonstrate foundational knowledge of general education
  2. Demonstrate general understanding of the Bible and Christian doctrine
  3. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge in their major field and perform music in that level
  4. Demonstrate a working knowledge in music reading and writing
  5. Demonstrate an effective communication in music technology and serving the church and the community with Christian commitment

Admission Requirements

The process of admission to the Bachelor of Music program requires:
  • a diploma from an accredited high school or its equivalent
  • an official transcript from the current or previous college or university for a transfer
  • Oikos University Application
  • Program of Music Supplementary Application
  • two professional letters of recommendation
  • a personal audition, or a recent video recording if necessary

Program Requirements

Students receive the Bachelor of Music degree when they fulfill the following program requirements:

The general education (GE) requirement: 45 units
The Bible and theology requirement: 15 units
Music Requirement: 60 units
Unit requirement: A minimum of 120 units
Residence requirement: 60 units to be taken at Oikos University

Graduation Requirements

1) Completion of a minimum of 120 semester hours of credit including at least 45 credits in General Education
2) Completion of this program within six (6) academic years (18 semesters) from the time of admission.
3) Demonstration of Christian character by interview
4) Completion of course work with a Grade Point Average of C (2.0)
5) Demonstration of ministry skills
6) Passing Exit interview