Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Ministry


Program Goals

The educational objectives of the Doctor of Ministry program are to prepare students for a variety of head ministry staff positions and leaders in local and national churches, media and mission organization with spiritual passion and development.


Program Learning Objectives

By the time students complete the program they will become leaders in the church, Christian organization, and the world in serving the local church and para church with the following professional skills:

1. Demonstrate exegetical, theological and hermeneutical understanding of the Bible at the advanced level
2. Demonstrate effective communication and presentational skills in education, preaching, and teaching
3. Demonstrate excellence in the areas of church ministry and leadership in church-related organization
4. Demonstrate excellence in the area of Christian counseling, Christian education, discipleship, and pastoral ministry


Admission Requirements

1) Master of Divinity Degree or its Equivalent
2) A Completed Application Form
3) Application Fee
4) Letter of Recommendation


Graduation Requirements

Students receive the Doctor of Ministry degree upon a successful fulfillment of the following program requirements:

1) Completion of 36 semester including 30 semester units and 6 units of dissertation requirement
2) Completion of course work with a GPA of 3.0 or above
3) Finish the dissertation and pass the oral defense of dissertation
4) Residence requirement: 18 units to be taken at Oikos University

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