Doctor of Musical Arts

Doctor of Musical Arts


Program Goals

The Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) program at Oikos University offers a distinctive educational experience based on a comprehensive curriculum designed to establish professional musicians of the highest caliber who will become leading and contributing members of their communities and society. Their knowledge will be fortified by the mentorship of the distinguished faculty from the Doctoral Music Program and will become leaders for the next generation of students. Every doctoral student will be required to complete 60 units comprised of 24 advanced core classes, 24 advanced classes pertaining to their specific major field and 12 Bible and Theology courses. The emphasis of the DMA program at Oikos University is to equip students with guidance from professional musicians and to fortify their knowledge with the resources of our established institution in order that they may excel as performing musicians amongst their peers and society with biblical values and ethics.


Program Learning Objectives

Upon completing all the course requirements for the Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) program at Oikos University, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate technical and musical mastery in piano or vocal performance at a professional level.
  2. Analyze with a scholarly approach the standard solo, chamber, and ensemble repertoire in the student’s area of expertise.
  3. Communicate effectively their musical ideas of historical and theoretical analysis through speech and
  4. Cultivate highly developed experts in their respective fields who will demonstrate upon the completion of their degree not only a mastery in their respective arts, but an understanding of how to utilize their talents in their
  5. To successfully assess and apply their own musical experiences in a teaching and studio teaching methods at the conservatory and university levels.
  6. To demonstrate biblical value in spiritual leadership or worship and apply lifestyle of example in community


Admission Requirements

  1. Master’s degree in music performance, musicology, ethnomusicology or music education
  2. A completed application form
  3. Application fee
  4. Two Letters of Recommendation
  5. Audition: A live audition or a high-quality video recording
  6. Curriculum Vitae
  7. Diagnostic Exam in Music Theory, Music History, and Aural Skills


Graduation Requirements

Students receive the Doctor of Musical Arts degree upon a successful fulfillment of the following program requirements:

1) Completion of 60 units including 24 units basic DMA Curriculum courses, 24 units for their respective field core classes, and 12 units in Bible and Theology
2) 3 Doctoral Recitals: One chamber recital, one lecture recital and one solo recital which will be completed after the written preliminary exam.
3) One Doctoral Thesis

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