Withdrawal & Readmission

Withdrawal & Readmission



Unforeseen circumstances may require a student to withdraw from the University. If this seems to be your case, you should talk with the Dean of Students or the Academic Dean. If the situation does indeed warrant withdrawal and there are no other acceptable options, the student will be directed to the Registrar’s Office to initiate the formal withdrawal process.

Withdrawal involves completing the Withdrawal Form, settling all financial accounts, and taking care of any other school business pertinent to the student. If refunds are due, they will be paid only if proper withdrawal procedures are followed.

A student who follows proper withdrawal procedures and whose reason for withdrawal is approved by the administration will receive W/P on his/her transcript for all courses the student is passing. Otherwise, W/F will be assigned. The administration will seek to work in the best interest of the student when approving or disapproving a withdrawal.

A student who is suspended or dismissed from the college for disciplinary reasons will receive W/F for each course in which he or she is enrolled.


If you are a former Oikos student and you desire to be readmitted, contact the Registrar’s office to begin the process. You will be expected to pay any outstanding debt to the college in full. Depending upon how long you have been away from Oikos, and your status when you left, you may be required to provide new references or other elements of the Application Package. You may also be asked to meet with the Academic Dean, the Dean of Students, or other college officials.

If you are readmitted, we may ask you to attend certain portions of the New Student Orientation.

If you have been gone from Oikos for one semester or more, you will return under the curriculum and graduation requirements of the most recent catalog. This policy may also apply to students who do not maintain full-time enrollment (less than 12 semester hours per term).

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