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Student Government

All registered students are members of the Student Association. The purpose of the student government is to promote Christian fellowship among students and to advance the kingdom of God and the mission of Oikos University. Activities of the Association are supported through a student fee and individual gifts. The officers of the Association— President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer—are elected annually by the members.

The Student Council consists of three representatives from each class plus the student body president. These students serve as a “sounding board” for the administration regarding policies that affect the students. They are also responsible for planning certain student activities such as clubs and social events.

Chapel Ministry

Student-led worship teams are responsible for planning and leading music and other creative arts during the chapel services. If you are musically talented, you may be asked to share a vocal or instrumental special during these services. Student-led media teams oversee audio and video equipment for chapel services and special events. If you are interested in serving in one of these areas and would like to receive training, contact the Dean of Students.

Student Ministry

It isn’t surprising that, at a college dedicated to training for ministry, many student activities result from students engaging in ministry. As a student at Oikos, you are required to participate in a ministry, typically through your local church. Student ministry is much more than a requirement—it is the heartbeat of men and women who are ready to give their lives to serving the Lord, His Church, and the world. While engaging in ministry, you will also enjoy fellowship and develop friendships that may last a lifetime.

Ministry Emphasis

At least once annually, a special series of chapel services is planned for ministry emphasis. The speakers are men and women of God who exemplify Christian leadership in the Church and/or the world.

Church Services

Throughout the book of Acts we read how God visits His people when they gather together for times of prayer, praise, and worship. Our doctrine calls on us to “identify ourselves with the visible Body of Christ.” We interpret this call to mean that each member of the Oikos community should participate regularly in the life of a local church.

We assemble together in local congregations to allow the Word to work in us with authority and mutual accountability. We do this so that the gifts can work in and through us by the power of the Holy Spirit. We gather as well, to fellowship among God’s people, who are the true temple of God by His Spirit. New students are required to visit several churches in the local area prior to selecting a “home church.”

We believe it is important for students to attend their home church consistently. Students who absent themselves from church services without legitimate excuse communicate that they are not in accord with the purposes of the university.

Small Groups

As part of his or her spiritual development, each student is expected to regularly participate in a small group. These groups provide an opportunity for Bible study, fellowship, and accountability. Many students meet in a small group provided through their church; others participate in various groups that meet on campus.

Devotional Life

All members of the Oikos community (administrators, faculty members, staff, and students) are encouraged to maintain a rich, daily devotional life. Times alone with God in Bible study, meditation, prayer, fasting, and praise are invaluable in forming the character of Jesus and in receiving the empowerment of the Spirit. In addition to private devotions, it is not unusual for students to meet regularly with other members of the campus community for special times together in God’s presence.

Housing Arrangements

Oikos University, located in 7901 Oakport St. Suite 3,000 Oakland, CA 94621, is a non-
residential campus and therefore does not currently maintain university dormitory facilities.
However, Oikos University has staff who is available and can aid students in finding affordable
housing near the campus or in commuting distance.

If you plan to find affordable housing near the campus or has special needs for your family,
children and other circumstances, you must arrive at our campus at least a week or two before
the first day of your classes in order to allow time to look for housing. You may also arrange to
stay at a hotel during this shopping time for your housing. In such cases, reservations are

Renting an apartment

If you plan to rent an apartment, most landlords (managers of rental property) require both
personal visits and the signing of a lease (a type of housing contract). Students must be
prepared to pay the first month's rent and security deposit, which is often equal to a whole
month's rent. If students do not have a U.S. Social Security Number or credit history, the
security deposit may be larger. Students may also need to pay deposits for utilities, such as
telephone and electricity. Most apartments are not furnished, so remember to budget for
furniture as well as household and kitchen items.

Most students who commute to school or live near the campus purchase or lease a car.
However, public transportation system in the Greater City of Oakland or Bay Area is very good.
Bus is available. There is Yellow Taxi, Uber, Lyft, etc. If you buy or lease a car, there will be
additional costs such as automobile insurance and registration with DMV.

Looking for a roommate

If you are looking for a roommate, renting an apartment may be more affordable for you.
However, we do not provide students with roommate matching service. Here are some ways to
connect with other students who may also be interested in finding roommates. Ask the leasing
agent or landlord if he or she is aware of other individuals looking for a roommate. Check our
bulletin board of our institution and post your message or try to find students in Facebook,
Instagram, or Twitter group and post a message.

Here is sample question to ask before renting an apartment:

How much is the rent? What is included in the rent payment? Does it include utilities,
electricity? Phone? Cable TV? What is the initial deposit? Will you return my security deposit
when I leave? How long is the lease? Can I renew the lease at the end of the term? What is the
penalty if I break the lease contract? Do you allow subleasing? Is laundry facility available? Is
the place furnished? Is there an assigned parking? How many? Do you charge additional parking
fee? Do you allow pet?

Current Oakland or Bay Area neighbor apartment rent rate is varied based on the condition of
the apartment, area and list of amenities they have. Again, it can be lower or higher depending
on many factors including its lease term as well. Here is sample apartment rental rate:

Room Rent: $700-900;
Studio: $1,020-$1,200;
1 bedroom: $1,300-1,500;
2 bedrooms: $1,500-1,800
luxury apartment rent rate may be much higher.

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