Grading Policy

Grading Policy


Individual faculty members determine the grading policy for each course. Faculty members clearly state in the course syllabus the specific criteria by which the grade will be assigned, including the relative weight of assignments, papers, examinations, attendance and other assessments. Only the faculty member has the authority to change grades.


Grading System

98-100    A+    4.0 70-73    C-    1.7
94-97    A    4.0 67-69    D+    1.3
90-93    A-    3.7 64-66    D    1.0
87-89    B+    3.3 60-63    D-    0.7
84-86    B    3.0 Below 60    F    0.0
80-83    B-    2.7    I    Incomplete
77-79    C+    2.3    W    Withdraw
74-76    C    2.0

The Registrar translates letter grades to grade points in accordance with the table shown below.

A Excellent     4.00
A-     3.70
B+     3.30
B Good     3.00
B-     2.70
C+     2.30
C Average     2.00
C-     1.70
D+     1.30
D Poor     1.00
D-     0.70
F Failure     0.00
W/F Withdrawn/Fail     0.00
W/P Withdrawn/Pass     No Point, No GPA impact

Grade Definition

A:   Excellent. Superior knowledge regarding details, assumptions, implications, history; superior thinking with information relevant to application, critique, and relationship to other information.
B:   Good. More than adequate knowledge regarding technical terms, distinctions, and possesses an ability to use information.
C:   Average. Basic knowledge needed to function and carry on learning regarding major principles, central terms, major figures, also possesses an awareness of field or discipline. Note: A grade of C- may not be eligible for transfer and in most programs does not constitute a passing grade. Please consult and refer to the Catalog, for further information.
D:   Poor. Below average grade, may not be eligible for transfer.
F:   Fail

Grades are usually available within three weeks of completing a semester. They are released to the student by the Registrar’s Office along with a calculation of the student’s semester GPA and cumulative GPA.

Contesting a Grade

Grades are computed in accordance with the course syllabus and inclass instructions. If you are unsure about the accuracy of a grade, you should approach the professor and respectfully request a detailed explanation of how the grade was computed. If this discussion does not result in satisfactory resolution, then you should contact the Academic Dean. Please approach the matter with respectful conversation and behavior.

Any grade that is in question, including a semester grade, should be brought to the professor’s attention within two weeks of you receiving the grade. Professors are given one month from the time semester grades are issued to make a change in the Registrar’s Office if deemed appropriate.

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