Master of Divinity

Master of Divinity


Program Goals

The educational objectives of the Master of Divinity program are to prepare students to be able to serve the local and international Church and communities as head, associate, and assistant pastors and to serve with a world perspective on ministry.


Program Learning Objectives

By the time students complete the program, they will become pastors, assistant pastor, minister of Word and Sacrament, lay leader in serving the church and leader in the Christian-related organization and the world with confidence and competency with the following skills and knowledge:

1. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible and exegetical and theological skills.
2. Demonstrate an ability to integrate faith in their life and professional careers
3. Demonstrate evangelical aspect of the world mission and cultural diversity in that students continue to be disciplined.
4. Demonstrate spiritual integrity and capacity to lead congregation and church.
5. Demonstrate an ability to apply spiritual gifts, pastoral skills and discipleship in their ministry


Admission Requirements

1)Bachelor Degree or its Equivalent
2)A Completed Application Form
3)Application Fee
4)Letter of Recommendation


Graduation Requirements

Students receive the Master of Divinity degree upon a successful fulfillment of the following program requirements:

1) Completion of 96 semester credits including 12 units of Greek and Hebrew, 12 units of History, 36 units of Biblical Studies, and 15 units of Practical Theology
2) Completion of the course work with a GPA of 2.5 or above.
3) Residence requirement: 48 units to be taken at Oikos University

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