Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees


Undergraduate Theology    
  15 semester units 3,000.00/semester  
  (per semester unit) 250.00/unit  
Graduate Theology    
  15 semester units 3,400.00/semester  
  (per semester unit) 378.00/unit  
Doctor of Ministry    
  9 semester units 13,500.00/course  
  (per unit) 375.00/unit  
  continuation fee after coursework 500.00/semester  
Undergraduate Music    
  15 semester units 4,680.00/semester  
  (per semester unit) 390.00/unit  
Graduate Music    
  15 semester units 4,950.00/semester  
  (per semester unit) 550.00/unit  
Doctor of Musical Arts    
  Music 800.00/unit  
  Bible & Theology 378.00/unit  
Master of Asian Medicine    
  Academic units:147.5 units 180.00/unit  
  Clinical units: 32 units 360.00/unit  
  Bible & Theology: 9 units 356.00/unit  
Undergraduate Business    
  15 semester units 3,000.00/semester  
  (per semester unit) 250.00/unit  
Master of Business Administration    
  Business Prerequisites: 9 units 500.00/unit  
  Business Administration: 36 units 500.00/unit  
  Bible & Theology: 9 units 378.00/unit  
Doctor of Business Administration    
     Business Administration 800.00/unit  
     Bible & Theology 378.00/unit  
English as a Second Language 600.00/month  
Audit (per unit)*    
  Credit 100%  
  Non-credit 50%  
*Decision to choose credit or non-credit may be made within 5 weeks after the first class session.



Application Fee 250.00 (Non-refundable)
Placement Test Fee 100.00
Admission Fee 150.00
Registration Fee 100.00 per semester
Student Fee 50.00 per semester
Payment Plan Fee 50.00 per semester
Late Payment Fee for payment plan 30.00
Returned Check Charge 100.00
Late registration fee 150.00
Thesis Fee

Graduation fee




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